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This is just distastefullying simple, terrible waste of time. There is only very few animations and a one single scene screen taking up 3 precious minutes!

You've got skills! Amy Wong from Futurama is awesome! (plain and simply put)

MysticSkillz responds:

Thank you, I appreciate the love. :D
I love Amy Wong and I wish they do bring back the series.

Rock Baby! This tune is pure good!

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A neat game, it's run, jump and keep making clones, use your dead clones as platforms. I liked playing this game!

rodolfodth responds:

really thanks for your feedback! it makes me really happy to know people enjoyed this little version <3

Nice, interesting game. it's a very simple run and collect game. The controls are easy. The game is a tad short, but overall it's a fun game. I liked it! after all.. who really does know what cats want?

Not bad, there are better games than this one that I know of. Play control is 3.5 The interactive characters are okay, but there aren't to many.. just a Alligator and a Snake and a ghost & a pumpkin.

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Cool, From 'Caesar's Day Off'. Awesome tune repeated!

molkman responds:

Coolio, didn't expect the song to be that catchy for people. :)

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Such nice artwork, Such Wow. I like that the two furries are beautifully alofted by heaven. The artwork is a natural and it's superb in every way imaginable. I love it!

RottyTops, ah who can suspect she's anything less than your daily average undead girl. But I also like RottyTops aside from Shantae who is another favorite of mine. I like this, good work!

HoundWolf responds:

Thank you

Shantae is so hot, in general. And she's also on my favorites list.

HoundWolf responds:

Glad to see you like it.

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